Production of the iPhone 6 is expected to kick off in earnest this month, and it looks as though the factories will be working overtime to meet Apple’s demand.

According to a new report from Taiwan’s Business Weekly, Apple has ordered an unprecedented amount of new handsets for the upcoming launch rumored to be set for September. According to the report, Apple has ordered twice as many handsets as it did for the iPhone 5 for a total of at least 68 million units.

While this sounds like an insane amount of iPhone 6 units, but the report doesn’t specify if this is only for the 4.7-inch model – which seems all but official at this point – or if it may also include the often rumored 5.5-inch model which has been rumored to be named the iPhone Air.

The report further indicated that Foxconn CEO Terry Gou and Pegatron CEO Tung Tsu-hsien were notified in the second week of June of Apple’s plans to begin production in July and how many units it was looking for in the first batch of shipments.

Considering the number of dummy units – you can see TechnoBuffalo’s copy in the gallery above – and leaked parts showing up, it all seems to line up with this supposed production schedule. If the iPhone 6 is bringing with as many changes as we believe, especially the larger displays, the order for 68 million units doesn’t seem unreasonable in the least. Seeing as Apple sold around 9 million handsets in the first weekend of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, that number is sure to climb this year with the most requested feature finally arriving.

While this report should definitely not be considered official, it certainly sounds plausible.