The iPhone 8 will reportedly feature a “water drop” design when it launches this fall, along with several other high-profile upgrades, including an OLED display. To prepare, Nikkei reports Apple has placed an order with Samsung for 70 million OLED panels.

Apple’s iPhone has been selling better than ever thanks to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. But demand for the smartphone could be even higher this fall once it undergoes a design overhaul.

Some of the features to expect from the iPhone 8 include a bezel-less display, all-glass body, wireless charging, and more. It’s also said to feature a display that’s in the 5.8-inch range (similar to the Galaxy S8), but be about the same size of the current 4.7-inch iPhone.

With any new smartphone release, demand is typically an issue. Hopefully, the 70 million OLED panels on order will be enough. After all, this year marks the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone, which makes the iPhone 8’s arrival particularly anticipated.

Short supply

Even with 70 million OLED panels on order, rumors suggest the iPhone 8 will be in short supply when it launches later this fall. It’s very likely only a portion of the 70 million OLED panels will be available for production in time for a fall release, followed by increased availability in early 2018.

Samsung recently introduced its Galaxy S8, so the pressure is on Apple to deliver an iPhone fans have been waiting for. Rumors suggest it’ll be an iPhone for the ages, but we’ll believe it when we see it.