Apple TV in the Woods - 02

Apple's rumored TV service is allegedly in negotiation purgatory.

According to a new report from Recode, Apple has proposed a model that would require TV networks to not only provide their shows, but be responsible for the streams, too. In other words, Apple would simply sit back and focus on the hardware and software, absolving the company of messy infrastructure costs—something networks are reportedly hesitant to agree to.

There have been multiple rumors about a supposed TV streaming service from Apple, with an announcement likely set for WWDC. That would give Apple plenty of time to prep for an eventual fall launch, but that might not happen with "many unresolved questions" still on the table.

A similar method is already offered through Apple TV apps to an extent, Recode explains, with networks handling content delivery with the help of EdgeCast. The new service would simply be bigger in scope.

"The notion of paying their own freight for a heavily promoted Apple service has given executives pause," Recode's sources said.

So many conflicting reports about Apple's service have hit over the past few months that it's hard to tell what's real anymore. A service like Sling TV has proved there is demand for more minimal programming bundles, so Apple will no doubt want to strike while the market is hot. We're hoping to hear some sort of announcement this summer, but the way things are going, we wouldn't be surprised if nothing materializes at all.