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A new report indicates that Apple will be holding a press event on Oct. 22.

According to sources speaking with AllThingsD, Apple is all set to hold a press event on Oct. 22, but the exact nature of the event, or the location is not known at this time. The sources said to expect it to be "iPad centric," which fits in with the numerous rumors we've been hearing for some time now. The sources also indicated that OS X Mavericks and the MacBook Pro line will also receive some attention during the event.

With the number of leaks that have appeared as of late for a fifth generation iPad and an iPad mini 2, those devices seem like a lock at this point, but with Apple you never know what to expect exactly. There has still been no sign of an update to the iPod line this year, and rumors have been circulating that the Apple TV may also be in line for an update.

We'll have more information as it comes.

UPDATE: Jim Dalrymple of The Loop has posted one of his infamous "Yep" confirmations. As simple as it is, that is pretty much as good as taking it to the bank.