Apple iPhone 5s-Front

Apple has reportedly acquired enough sapphire crystal components to produce between 100-200 million 5-inch iPhone displays at its new Arizona plant. 9to5Mac did some sleuthing and found several documents suggesting Apple’s partnership with GT Advanced will be for future iPhones, which are expected to come with sapphire crystal displays. If true, your next iPhone display could be pretty much indestructible, as we saw demonstrated in a recent video.

According to import/export documents, GT Advanced has ordered sapphire crystal inspection components, furnaces and chambers, which are all capable of processing several slabs of the Superman gemstone simultaneously. It appears the facility will be used exclusively for producing Apple-related consumer products, too, according to a recent SEC filing. The production won’t be for Touch ID buttons either, but for something larger—something we’ve heard might be 4.7-inches or bigger.

We’ve heard several reports that Apple is planning to produce an iPhone—maybe two—with a larger display, and many believe it’ll come with a sapphire display. Late last month, documents revealed Apple had “aggressive” plans for its Arizona plant, and these latest documents further suggest that’s the case.

While the documents don’t specifically mention Apple’s iPhone, it’s beginning to become more apparent that its new Arizona plant will be churning out an important component of a future smartphone. An iPhone with a sapphire display could mean a much stronger device, and it sure appears as though production is going full steam ahead.