Apple iPhone 5s-Front-2

Sources speaking with 9to5Mac claim Apple is preparing to roll out an iPhone 5s screen replacement program in the coming days—as early as Monday, Aug. 4. Apple already has a program in place for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c displays, but finally the company's top of the line device is being included. Customers looking to replace their broken screen will be on the hook for $150 per repair; certainly not cheap, but better than dealing with a cracked display or the cost of an entire new device.

Apple has stepped up in-house repairs over the past several months in an effort to keep costs down and avoid sending devices to an off-location site. Right now it costs about $269 to completely replace your broken iPhone 5s, so $150 really isn't all that much in comparison. Of course, the fact that you probably paid $200 with a two-year contract might make the replacement cost a little hard to swallow.

With new iPhones expected in September (or later), hopefully shattered displays will be a thing of the past. Apple is rumored to be using sapphire—or some mixture of sapphire and glass—which means, in theory, your device will be able to better withstand accidental drops and other dangers. Just don't rub it with sandpaper.