9to5Mac reports Apple is planning to make big changes to its retail experience, shuffling its iPod to accessory shelves and removing iPad smart signs altogether. If you needed yet more evidence the iPod—one of Apple’s most historic products—is now merely an afterthought, now you have it.

Rather than proudly sitting shoulder to shoulder with the iPhone, iPad and Mac, the iPod is being relegated, as if it’s a discarded toy in Toy Story. Instead of asking retail staff to fetch an iPod for you to purchase, customers can simply stroll in and yank one off a shelf. How convenient. You’ll no longer have the opportunity to try before you buy, though you can basically get the gist by using an iPhone.

Additionally, 9to5Mac says Apple will pull the iPad 2 smart signs that litter retail stores, and instead use that freed up space to display more products. Hey, that would be perfect for the rumored iPad Pro. The smart signs were there to provide customers with purchasing information, but it sounds like they more often than not confused customers. Going forward, that information will be directly on the product customers are looking to buy.