OS X Lion 10.7.3 update

After months of beta testing and nearly ten pre-release builds, Apple has finally pushed out its OS X Lion 10.7.3 update to the public. The release includes Safari 5.1.3, in addition to a whole host of bug fixes, improvements, and new languages.

The update is available now via Software Update or Apple’s website to anyone who’s already running OS X Lion on their Mac, and it’s recommended for all Lion users. The Cupertino company details the entire list of changes within its release notes:

  • Add Catalan, Croatian, Greek, Hebrew, Romanian, Slovak, Thai, and Ukrainian language support
  • Address issues when using smart cards to log into OS X
  • Address compatibility issues with Microsoft Windows file sharing
  • Address an issue printing Microsoft Word documents that use markup
  • Address a graphics performance issue after sleep on some earlier iMacs that use ATI graphics
  • Resolve a Wi-Fi connection issue when waking from sleep
  • Address an issue that may prevent Safari from opening before joining a wireless network
  • Fix a potential issue authenticating to an SMB DFS share
  • Include RAW image compatibility for additional digital camerasDirectory Services
  • Improve binding to read-only Active Directory Domain Controllers
  • Improve binding and login speed for Active Directory users in a domain whose name ends in “.local”
  • Improve reliability of Dynamic DNS (DDNS) updates by Active Directory clients
  • Allow login with an Active Directory username that contains a space
  • Improve compatibility with Active Directory schemas that have been extended with the “apple-user-homeDirectory” and “apple-user-homeurl” attributes
  • Fix home directory Dock item for Active Directory users with mobile accounts
  • Allow NIS users with MD5-hashed passwords to log in

Of course, not all of the issues listed above will be experienced by all users, but some of them have been fairly widespread. The issues with the Wi-Fi connection when waking from sleep seems to be a problem for many on Twitter, and it’s problem I’ve been experiencing myself.

When I first got my MacBook Air last year, Apple swapped it for a new one because it wouldn’t reconnect to my Wi-Fi network when I woke it up. The second one had the same problem, but rather than going in for a third machine, I decided to just live with it. As I suspected, the issue was not a problem with my hardware, but a simple bug that has disappeared with the latest fix.

Before you go ahead with downloading the update, it’s worth noting you will have to restart your machine installation.

Has Apple’s latest software update fixed issues you were experiencing with OS X Lion?

[via MacRumors]