With all the iPhone leaks flying around these past few days we almost forgot about the biggest device (literally) coming out of Apple’s “very busy fall,” the new Mac Pro. The trash can-shaped computer was unveiled at WWDC 2013 in June and hailed as proof that Cupertino could still innovate with the best of them. Now, the company has released a pretty awesome video that it’s calling a “trailer” for the redesigned Pro.

The upcoming Mac Pro boasts a whopping 16GBps of bandwidth, flash storage and is ten times faster than anything Apple has offered in the past. The new computer also comes equipped with Thunderbolt 2, dual GPUs and supports up to three 4K displays. It will be assembled in the United States.

The computer’s shapely design isn’t just meant to look good. Apple highlight’s its circular form in the video above, which actually serves an important purpose. The unified thermal core at its center pulls heat away from the CPU and GPUs to distribute it evenly, keeping the Mac Pro from overheating.