Ahead of an alleged event on March 21, Apple on Monday released yet another beta for iOS 9.3. There don’t appear to be any immediate differences between today’s release and the most recent beta, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for anything big.

The most notable changes coming to the official release of iOS 9.3 include the addition of Night Shift, Notes improvements, new CarPlay features and 3D Touch options for Apple’s own stock apps.

Night Shift is particularly interesting due to the fact that it borrows heavily from F.lux, an app that changes the temperature of a display so it’s easier on a person’s eyes. For people who spend time looking at their phone before bed, Night Shift might reduce the effect a blue screen has on a user’s circadian rhythm.

The update is likely the last one before the official release hits later this month. In addition to iOS 9.3 beta 6, Apple also released new betas for watchOS and OS X.