Twenty-four hours after releasing the second beta of iOS 10.2, Apple on Tuesday rolled out the same update to public beta testers. Among the new features, the TV app is available to test, along with a “Celebration” effect in Messages.

Some of the other additions to iOS 10.2 public beta 2 include new wallpapers, Preserve Camera mode, new emoji, and an SOS feature, which will call emergency services when the power button is pressed five times. This feature will work in countries such as Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Japan, and the U.S., among others.

Much of what’s being done in iOS 10.2 takes place under the hood, but clearly Apple is working to improve the experience with all these new additions. Camera Preserve will likely be the standout feature in iOS 10.2 but the new emoji, including one for a shrug, will be popular as well.

If you participate in Apple’s public beta program, you can get the new update now.