Few other companies know how to pull at our heartstrings quite like Apple. Now, Cupertino is bringing those talents to China with a new commercial ahead of the Chinese New Year.

The new ad is pretty much a carbon copy of “The Song,” which aired in the U.S. and other countries ahead of the holiday season. The basic plot is the same, featuring a young woman who finds a vinyl recording of her grandmother singing and adds her own voice on top using Apple hardware and software. In the Chinese version we see a MacBook Air, an iPad mini, Apple EarPods and even a set of Beats headphones.

Apple just reported monster profits for the holiday season, selling more iPhones in the last few months of 2014 than ever before. Sales are expected to drop significantly in the current quarter, though China’s New Year could give the company a boost. The Cupertino based company has made a huge investment in the Chinese market in recent years, with plans to open 25 more stores in the country in the next few years. In the meantime, this new ad could give Apple a quick boost in the increasingly important market.