Apple announced eight new enterprise apps on Wednesday as part of its MobileFirst project with IBM. The latest fruits of the partnership include the first apps for the healthcare and industrial sectors, and bring the total number of MobileFirst iOS apps to 22.

On the healthcare side, the companies are rolling out four new apps. Hospital RN for the iPhone is designed to replace a nurses pager while also offering the details of any patient’s file. It even uses iBeacon sensors to pull up relevant information based on your location.

There’s also a Hospital Tech iPhone app to help nurse technicians stay connected to their care teams and Home RN for nurses to use outside of the hospital. Finally, Hospital Lead for iPad organizes the entire hospital and uses push notifications to signal the most important tasks for specific staff.

For industrial workers, there’s Rapid Handover, an iPad app that lets the foreman share important info like production goals and equipment maintenance with workers. It uses the tablet’s camera and microphone to save and share photos and audio messages on the go.

Apple also introduced new apps for flight attendants, retail workers and insurance workers. Ancillary Sale for the iPhone lets flight attendants sell food, drinks, duty-free products and seat upgrades with Apple Pay or a credit card swipe. Order Commit lets merchants view their sales targets and other data in one simple iPad app. Last up is Risk Inspect, which should make insurance work more accurate using intelligent suggestions while offering access to previous claims and other relevant data.

That’s it for now, but it may not be too long before Apple and IBM unleash the next wave of apps.