I should really start telling my wife all of my passwords. A new report from CBC reveals that a woman was unable to retrieve her husband's Apple password following his recent death. Peggy Bush, a 72-year old woman whose husband died this past summer, suddenly found that she couldn't play games on an iPad the two once shared. She's tried to get the password from Apple, but the company didn't give it up easily.

"I thought it was ridiculous," Bush told CDC. "I could get the pensions, I could get benefits, I could get all kinds of things from the federal government and the other government. But from Apple, I couldn't even get a silly password. It's nonsense."

Apple ultimately told Bush that she needed a "court order" to retrieve the password. This was after she provided Apple with serial numbers for the iPad and other Apple gadgets in the house. Bush said she even tried to email Apple CEO Tim Cook, to no avail. It was only after she reached out to CBC's "Go Public" that she was offered assistance and an apology from Apple.

It's a sad scenario, no doubt, but Apple was ultimately sticking to policy and protecting the privacy of a user. After all, someone who steals an iPad could just as easily provide a serial number – so why should Apple give up the account information and password for that product?

Perhaps we should all consider sharing our private information with family members in case such a scenario ever arises in our own households.