A mysterious thread has appeared on Reddit that may contain all of the Apple information you seek.

The thread was run by three alleged employees of Foxconn, a fact that was verified by the subreddit moderators. This isn't to say the information that was shared was verified, but the fact they could have access to a treasure trove of information was.

And what did these three unknown people share?

A lot.

A whole lot.

Apple Glasses

It's fairly well-known that Apple is taking a heavy interest in Augmented Reality (AR), and there has even been some talk that the company may be working on some glasses.

According to the poster going by the name Foxconninsider, they do indeed exist and are currently known as "Project Mirrorshades." They then went on to explain the components involved.

Kopin NED Acetate frame, Polarisized or prescription lens with Zeiss smart optics, Bone induction modules Microphones (noise cancellation), Light sensor Accelerometer for step tracking and head movement, app navigation Magnetometer for navigation, Capacitive Pavel Ceramic battery, Apple chipset, [and] Charging circuit BL5 Induction module.

They also reportedly will be offered in three colors: Crystal, champagne, and black.

Project Mirrorshades will reportedly use motion for control for instance when using Tinder – because why wouldn't you? – you could shake your head yes or no as opposed to the traditional swiping gesture on your phone.

As for the display, Foxconninsider explained that the glasses would use a prism that "conveys NED display image to lens."

Retail was said to be around $600, but there is no guarantee these will ever see the light of day due to issues with producing the batteries.

iPhone 7S and iPhone 8

First up, the iPhone 7S. The insiders did confirm the existence of the updated model and said that it will have an aluminum unibody, but it will forego wireless charging.

The star of the show, though, would be the iPhone 8. Unfortunately, they did say production on the phone has been delayed. From there, they said that some of the leaked designs were inaccurate and that it looks "more like an iPhone 7 with glass and without the AuthenTac capacitive touch module." They also noted that the rear camera has indeed been changed and that the phone will be thinner.

Sharing more information than Apple typically does, they noted the iPhone 8 would sport 3GB of RAM and that the body is a "composite glass to allow for wireless charging."

As for the oft-discussed fingerprint reader, they said they have not seen any models with a rear reader, and that they did have "test units with fingerprint scanners mounted below the glass, but performance and yield rates were not good." This leaves us wondering where the fingerprint sensor will end up, but they said that there will also be facial detection and a retina scanner "included in the front facing camera modules."


The leakers noted several interesting tidbits when it came to the laptop line. First, and possibly the oddest, that MagSafe would be returning to the line in "12 – 18 months." We note this as odd simply because Apple doesn't typically go backwards, so we're not sure what this would mean for USB-C.

They also noted that no laptops within the next 18 months would have any sort of touch display other than the Touchbar, ruling out Force Touch.

If you're looking for a new Mac laptop, though, they noted the entire line will be updated this year.

Siri Speaker

Many rumors point to the Siri Speaker being unveiled at the WWDC keynote this Monday, but the leakers said it wouldn't launch until later in the year. They did confirm the rumored design that it looks like a smaller Mac Pro, but they weren't certain on the final design as they had not seen it in some time. During the testing phase they said there were versions without a screen which implies at least one did have a screen.

Apple TV

What's a batch of Apple rumors without a mention of the long-rumored Apple television set? They said there will be news coming later this year, but if I had a nickel for every time we've heard we're close to this vaporware appearing, I would be close to being able to afford it should it ever materialize.

There were some other mixed rumors such as there will be a third size of iPad and that Apple is sticking with Lightning as its cable of choice for mobile products, but to call this a windfall of info would be an understatement.

We do, however, suggest remembering that these people were only confirmed to POSSIBLY have access to this info. We would suggest taking all of this with a very healthy dose of salt before putting too much stock into any of it.