Apple began airing two new iPhone 4S commercials yesterday, but these were a little different to the Cupertino company's traditional iPhone ads. As opposed to unknown faces cut off at the nose, Apple used well-known celebrities and kept their faces intact throughout the entire 30-second clips.

The first featured Samuel L. Jackson, who, while preparing for a dinner date, used Siri to find a store that sells organic mushrooms, convert measurements, set reminders, and cancel a game of golf. The second clip (which is my favorite) features the lovely Zooey Deschanel, who uses Siri to check the weather, order tomato soup, set reminders, and play music.

These are the first iPhone 4S commercials Apple has recruited celebrities for, and we have a feeling they won't be the last, either. The clips are yet to appear on Apple's official YouTube page (which is why the quality isn't great, sorry!), but when they do, we're expecting others to arrive alongside them.

What do you think of Apple's latest iPhone 4S ads?

[via Cult of Mac]