New iPad - With Logo

Apple has reportedly received a record number of orders for its brand new iPad, according to analysts from Canaccord Genuity. iPad ship dates have also already pushed back a couple of weeks due to huge demand for the device. Cannaccord's analysts expect that Apple will sell 65.6 million iPads this year, up from an original projection of 55.9 million units, and 90.6 million iPads during 2013, which is up from an original projection of 79.7 million units. Canaccord believes other tablet makers will continue to have a hard time nipping at the heels of the iPad, but also thinks Windows 8 could be a threat later for Apple's tablet.

"While Samsung appears to have the most competitive Android tablet offering, we view Windows 8 as a greater longer-term threat to Apple's dominant iPad share than Android tablets," Canaccord said. The iPad will be available in Apple Store retail locations this Friday, and TechnoBuffalo will be bringing you all the live coverage from a couple of Apple's locations in New York City.

[via Reuters]