It's still your right as an American to jailbreak your iPhone, and it seems quite a few people don't mind enjoying that right. 1.7 million people have downloaded the untethered evasi0n iOS 6/6.1 jailbreak since release on Wednesday, a practice which still remains legal in spite of a few hurdles this past week.

Since Apple is unable to legally pursue criminal action against their users en masse who turn to hacking their devices, they've instead updated their unauthorized modification Knowledge Base article to spell out the dangers of hacking their devices. Potential problems they identify include program instability, dropped phone calls, security vulnerability and a shortened battery life.

More importantly than damage to the phone however, Apple has also kindly reminded users that jailbreaking a phone violates its iOS end-user license agreement, and it reserves the right to deny service to anyone who installs unauthorized software onto the phone.

For those who have already jailbroken their phone, have any of Apple's warnings been an issue for them, or is this just trying to scare a few few gullible tech owners, like myself, out of a more convenient experience?

With such a quiet reminder, do you think they really mind that much?