Apple used the launch of the new MacBook Pro to update its online storefront yesterday. While that meant fresh laptops to buy for most folks, it also meant much more expensive computers in the UK.

CraveOnline noticed that Apple increased the prices of many of its products, including the iMac 4K, the iMac 4K, the Mac Pro, the Mac Mini. The changes are directly linked to Brexit and the weakening value of the pound against the dollar. The pricing changes aren’t minimal, either. A Mac Pro, which normally used to cost £2499 is now £2999. The price of the 5K iMac jumped £300.

MacBook Pros are more expensive, too

This applies to all products, of course. We first saw this with the iPhone 7 launch, and it’s also reflected in the new prices for the MacBook Pro computers introduced yesterday.

CraveOnline noticed that the starting price of the 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar costs £1749 in the UK; technically, given a direct conversion from the $1,799 price in the United States, the laptop would cost about £1483.