apple-ipadWith the iPad 2 announcement today, one had to wonder what Apple would do with the remaining inventory of first generation iPads. A quick browse of the Apple Store clearance section tells the story.

If you want an iPad, but don’t care about the additions to the iPad 2 such as the cameras, gyroscope and so on, you may want to swing on over to the Apple store and pick yourself up a first generation version at a $100 dollars off their original retail prices.  No word yet on if third-party sellers will be following suit.

16 GB 32 GB 64 GB
Wi-Fi $399 $499 $599
Wi-Fi + 3G $529 $629 $729

The 16 GB Wi-Fi version for $399 is not a bad deal at all.  When you think about using it as an all-in-one e-reader via apps, it still remains priced higher than a dedicated device, but you get access to all of the stores so you can shop around.

Whether you just want your first iPad, or possibly need a second one in your life for some reason, picking up a clearance priced model may not be such a bad way to go.  Although, we would suggest you act fast as we can’t imagine Apple is sitting on tons of them at this point.

What do you think?  Would you be willing to pick up a first generation iPad at these prices?