iPad 2 Review ConclusionThere have been a number of rumored timeframes regarding when Apple might release its iPad 3: Spring, Summer, Fall. With production already said to be in full swing, there’s no reason to suggest the Cupertino-based company will miss its typical March/April release cycle. Unless they wanted to push it out earlier. Say, on Steve Jobs‘ birthday.

While this rumor isn’t particularly new, it seems to be gaining a head of steam. A new report from FocusTaiwan suggests Apple is pushing manufacturing deadlines in order to launch its new iPad by Friday, February 24.

Sources close to the matter claim workers within iPad manufacturing plants, including Foxconn, will have limited time off in order to get units ready, foregoing their usual Lunar New Year (January 23) time off.

With the passing of Steve this year, it would be a nice way for Apple to pay tribute to the man who made the company what it is today. The iPad was a particularly passionate project for Jobs when he introduced the first device in 2010. Now look where it is. The iPad 3 is expected to be Apple’s first big product release of next year, and what better day to launch it? It’s weird to say, but February 24 isn’t all that far off. The first iPad was introduced on January 27, so perhaps we’ll see a similar announcement next month. Only time will tell.

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