iwork pages

Apple sent shock waves through the tech world last month when it announced that iWork—its answer to Microsoft Office and Google's suite of cloud-based services—would come free with new iDevices and Mac computers. The company faced a fallout soon afterward, however, when it became clear that the reformatted iWork designed for both OS X and iOS 7 was missing some pretty big features. Today, Apple announced its intention to bring back many missing tools as well as some new ones over the next six months.

Here's the full list of changes Apple promises for its iWork apps:

● Customize toolbar
● Vertical ruler
● Improved alignment guides
● Improved object placement
● Import of cells with images
● Improved word counts
● Keyboard shortcuts for styles ● Manage pages and sections from the thumbnail view

● Customize toolbar
● Improvements to zoom and window placement
● Multi-column and range sort
● Auto-complete text in cells
● Page headers and footers ● Improvements to AppleScript support

● Customize toolbar
● Restoring old transitions and builds
● Improvements to presenter display ● Improvements to AppleScript support

Six months is a long time to wait, and Apple doesn't specify which updates will arrive when so, if you need to use any of these missing features, you can always switch back to iWork '09 on your Mac. Head over to the blog post via the source link below for detailed instructions on how to switch over and format new iWork files for the older version.