Not too long ago, rumors ran rampant claiming Apple was looking to make its own car. That was followed by news that Apple abandoned the endeavor, known as "Project Titan," altogether in favor of making software instead. Now, we have our first look at the car Apple has been using to test its self-driving car technology with.

A driver in the Silicon Valley area spotted the car and took a video before Bloomberg News got its hands on the footage. The car is a Lexus RX450x white SUV that is equipped with all kinds of sensors, including a Velodyne LIDAR sensor, two radar units and a bunch of cameras. Bloomberg News notes that the sensors appear to be bought from the companies that made them instead of produced by Apple.

This follows news ofApple's self-driving car permit

Apple recently got a permit from the California Department of Motor Vehicles to begin testing out its self-driving car technology. We now have confirmation Apple is testing that technology out. Apple is one of several companies to receive the permit in California, including Google, which used the same Lexus model to test its autonomous technology. No details have surfaced as to when Apple plans to talk about what it's working on, if ever.