New emoji are coming to the iPhone with the arrival of iOS 11 this fall.

To celebrate World Emoji Day (that's a thing?), Apple CEO Tim Cook on Monday Tweeted a short video showcasing some of the emoji to expect. I can already tell you that the T-Rex is going to be a fan-favorite. But that's not the only adorable new emoji coming to iPhones.

The emoji were actually unveiled by Apple a few months ago coming in the big Emoji 5.0 update, which were approved by Unicode.

Here's what Apple had to say about the new emoji, which are as much about delighting people as they are about being inclusive.

With thousands of emoji available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac, there are many ways to add personality to every message. New emoji include Woman with Headscarf, Bearded Person and Breastfeeding, and food items such as Sandwich and Coconut. More animals with mythical creatures like T-Rex, Zebra, Zombie and Elf are a fun way to describe situations and new Star-Struck and Exploding Head smiley faces make any message more fun.

And if you visit iTunes today, you'll see just how serious is taking World Emoji Day, using graphics with emoji rather than actual movie titles.

The new emoji will be available to use in Apple's iOS 11 update this fall.