It seems like a large number of people we see with iPhones have shattered displays. Unfortunately, most people stick with them since it can be super costly to replace their iPhones. While there are a number of third-party locations that will replace just your screen for a cost, you run into voiding your warranty. Thankfully, Apple may soon offer its own screen repair service.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is gearing up to offer a new option inside of its Apple Store locations that allows customers to walk in and have their iPhones repaired on the spot. This differs greatly from how Apple currently operates. Right now, you can walk into a store for a fix, but Apple will most likely just swap out your entire iPhone for a new one.

Replacement screens will cost $149, 9to5Mac said, but Apple will also fix any issues related to a phone's speaker, battery, volume buttons,home buttons, motor or camera. Home buttons will reportedly cost $29 to fix while a new battery will set you back $79. It could help Apple save money in the long run; this year I walked in with broken volume buttons and Apple swapped out the device, which was still under warranty, free of charge.

Apple Store locations are reportedly already receiving the equipment necessary for repairs, though we don't yet know when the service will go live.