iPhone 5 - Black - Bezel

We still don't know if Apple is planning an August 7 event for its iPhone 5. But if it is, the device might be made available to consumers a little over a month later on Friday, September 21.

According to App4phone.fr, citing a Chinese accessory maker, Apple shared the date so that accessory makers can begin preparing for the late September launch. That seems a bit fishy to us, however, since Apple typically keeps launch dates close to the vest.

The latest iPhone rumors suggest Apple is preparing to unveil its next big mobile device a bit earlier than anticipated to do battle with Samsung's Galaxy S III, which has reportedly sold 10 million units thus far. That's quite a bit of opportunity lost for Apple, so it makes sense it'll want to get its iPhone 5, a device allegedly coming with a bigger screen, smaller dock connector and an aluminum back, into consumer hands ASAP.

As we move into August, we're really not all that far off from Apple's next iPhone. Until we see invites, however, and hear the exact date from Tim Cook, everything is pure speculation.

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