It was one of those in-between years for Apple, where the iPhone got an “S” upgrade and we saw the release of a first-generation product, the iPad Pro. Some would call 2015 a tremendous success; Apple sold a bajillion iPhones, Apple Watch sales were strong, and a new Apple TV was released. But we also wonder if the company’s design mojo has gone missing, and whether or not Apple can continue to innovate in the face of mounting competition.

In 2016, the most anticipated release from Apple will no doubt be the iPhone 7. But we might also get a new Apple Watch, updated MacBook, and maybe even some kind of TV service, which has been rumored for years now. I also wouldn’t put it past Apple to release another iPad Pro toward the end of next year, something that’s probably predicated on the features we see in iOS 10.

iPhone 7

This one is easy. Following this year’s introduction of 3D Touch, we’re expecting Apple to build on that technology with the next iPhone. But what is the device going to look like, and what other standout features will it have? Jon thinks it will finally catch up to some of its Android counterparts, with technology like wireless charging, a 2K display, a much-improved camera, and the end of 16GB models. That sounds like the dream iPhone to me, and I’m sure we’ll see plenty of rumors as we head into the New Year.

End of MacBook Air

How likely is this to happen? Not very. Could it happen? Sure. It’s been months since the last major MacBook Air update, and with the new MacBook on the market, Apple might look to trim the fat and start putting more muscle behind its ultrabook wonder. If it does, however, we’ll have to see some major upgrades, including professional-grade internals and improvements to battery. The MacBook may have seemed experimental in 2015, but I don’t doubt Apple will make the product a major focus going forward.

Apple Watch 2

Nobody has been able to make the perfect smartwatch, but Apple arguably came the closest. With the second version looming, look for Apple to cram even more technology into its next wearable, with a renewed focus on health. We expected many more sensors and doodads to be included in the first generation Apple Watch, but that didn’t pan out, so we’re hoping the sequel to be everything we hoped the first one would be, and more.

iPad Air 3

This is another device we’re expecting in the early part of 2016. Even though Apple’s iPad sales have flat-lined, the company has continued to pursue the tablet market with devices like the iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, and the recent iPad Pro. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a major upgrade to Apple’s most popular tablet, which is why we’re expecting something in the coming months. (And there have been rumors an iPad Air 3 is imminent.)

If history is anything to go by, the iPad Air 3 will be thinner, lighter, and more powerful than ever. Apple’s tablet releases are usually pretty predictable, so we don’t expect the company to include any major surprises in the next release, not even 3D Touch. Chances are Apple will keep that exclusive to its phones as the technology matures; if it becomes an integral part of the experience, perhaps Apple will think of ways to integrate 3D Touch into a larger form factor.

Streaming TV

This has been talked about for years now, but we might finally see Apple unveil its highly anticipated streaming TV service. The thing is, we already have services like PlayStation Vue and Sling TV, so what will make Apple’s rumored service different? We’re not sure, and the rumors have varied wildly. People are still clinging to that old Steve Jobs quote that said the former CEO had “cracked” TV. But that was years ago, and the streaming market has evolved a lot since then. So what will we see in 2016?

UPDATE: A previous version of this article referred to the Apple Watch as a smartphone, that has been corrected along with a typo for “wearable.”