Since launching back in 2010, Apple's iPad has come to define the tablet market. What was once written off as a "big iPhone" has evolved into an unstoppable success, selling over 170 million units worldwide. Apple is understandably proud of its tablet angel, and the company absolutely beamed at its event on Tuesday, spouting positive industry quotes while showing an array of inspirational videos, which have now been posted online.

Apple's first video is complete emotional influence, meant to impress the versatility and functionality of the company's precious slate. Further, the video is designed to show that the iPad is universally accepted as a product that makes life better, easier; it reaches all walks of life and can be used by anyone. Whether you're a firefighter, surgeon or artist, the ad shows that the iPad is a tool, and not merely an object you own for consuming media or downloading apps.

The second video is typical Apple fodder, and was presented immediately following the company's iPad Air announcement. In it, Jony Ive describes the careful engineering process that went into making a thinner and lighter product, and how increased portability was a big focus for Apple this generation. At just one pound, the iPad Air comes equipped with an A7 chip, Retina display, thinner side bezel and 10 hours of battery life.

Finally, Apple has released its first ad for the iPad Air, using one of the most recognizable tools in history, the pencil, to describe its new tablet. By comparing its product with something that everyone has used, viewers are able to instantly relate; at the end of the ad, Apple then reveals it was talking about its new iPad all along. It's a clever commercial that doesn't bombard users with any confusing messages or nebulous features, and it circles right back to Apple's "Life on iPad" video mentioned above.