Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha-2

Apple and Samsung have never had the best relationship, but recently it looked like things had finally cooled off between the two tech giants. Behind the scenes, however, competition may be as heated as ever.

A new report from The Korea Times claims Apple is actively poaching Samsung’s engineering talent. Specifically, the Cupertino company has been luring away processor and battery experts in an effort to improve its own devices. It’s unclear exactly how many Samsung employees have jumped ship, though it appears to be a relatively new trend.

One anonymous Samsung official told The Korea Times that Apple offers competitive salaries, benefits and greater freedom in an effort to poach employees. Another source added that the South Korean firm’s engineers are “very diligent, mission-oriented and are prepared to acquire new knowledge.” They also apparently speak English, meaning there’s no initial language barrier.

If Apple really is poaching Samsung talent, hopefully we’ll see the results before too long from Cupertino’s own products. Better processors could help smooth out some remaining bugs in iOS, while giving the iPhone the power it needs to compete with the latest chips from companies like Qualcomm.

Improved batteries also offer a clear advantage, squeezing even more power out of each charge cycle. However, the same report notes that Apple may actually be focused on designing batteries for its recently-rumored vehicle. If that’s the case it could be years before we see the results.

In the meantime, both companies claim their partnership is as strong as ever. For now, Apple still relies on Samsung to supply much of its hardware, but that may not be true forever.