Apple just released the trailer for its original series, Planet of the Apps, and its safe to say it doesn’t look like anything special.

The new trailer plays like most reality TV commercials. It shows off the celebrity judges who will determine who moves on to the second round. The possible contestants pitch them their app ideas while descending on an escalator, which lasts 60 seconds. Then it highlights the stakes—an opportunity to pitch to a venture capital firm that’s willing to invest $10 million in their idea.

Excited yet? If you’re not, I don’t blame you. This seems like a classic case of a big company investing into a program with decent ideas, but totally missing the mark. I’ll save any more criticism until I watch the series in full, but I’m not keeping my hopes up.

Apple continues its streak of bad category breakdown

The trailer ends with the line, “watch the [TV series] journey unfold on Apple Music.” So you’re watching a TV show on a music streaming service? That is beyond confusing. Once it beefs up its content, Apple will probably spin-off its original shows into a separate app, or at least I hope so. Why not the Apple TV app, for example?

Planet of the Apps will be available to stream later this year.