Apple’s Photos app for OS X is finally available in beta form, and it’s off to a promising start. Let’s be clear: this isn’t going to replace more powerful solutions like Photoshop, but if you’re a casual photographer, Photos is a clean and simple alternative for easily editing and syncing up your photos. If you have an arsenal of Apple gear, Photos for OS X offers a painless experience you should definitely try out. It’s free after all.

The bad news is that Photos spells the end for both iPhoto and Aperture, the latter of which is a more powerful (and beloved) photo editing experience. Be that as it may, Photos will feel like a major upgrade over iPhoto, and effortlessly bridge the gap between your iOS device(s) and Mac. If you’ve spent any amount of time editing photos with Apple’s built-in tools in iOS 8, Photos will feel very familiar.

What you get is a layout and toolset that’s almost identical to what you’d find in iOS. And that’s OK. It makes for an experience that anyone can pick up, from casual photographers to seasoned pros. From an editing standpoint, you can add filters, adjust exposure and other values, rotate, crop, or simply hit an enhance button and let Apple’s software algorithms edit for you. For most people, those are the only editing options needed, and Apple has made tweaking pictures far more accessible and straightforward in Photos.

There are also four main tabs at the top, including Photos, Shared, Albums and Projects. With Projects, you can easily print out beautiful books in square, classic and softcover formats, which Apple has offered for a while now., but Photos is mostly about organization, and it does a great job of making your hundreds and hundreds of images easily digestible.

To hear more about Photos and see the app in action, check out the video above. Our early impressions are positive, and so far the app is incredibly fast and intuitive. The syncing options are also super convenient, making for a no-brainer when the app is officially released in a few months.