On the heels of Amazon’s new Echo, a report from Bloomberg has shed more light on Apple’s rumored Siri speaker.

Apparently, employees from the company have been conducting thorough in-home tests with the speaker, which have been ongoing for months. Apple will reportedly unveil its Echo competitor at its annual WWDC conference in early June.

As for what the Siri speaker will look like, or whether it will have a built-in display, remains unclear. A previous report claimed the device would look a lot like Apple’s Mac Pro, which is more or less what the original Amazon Echo looks like.

With Amazon introducing an Echo with a built-in screen, Apple may follow suit with something similar. After all, the company’s VP Phil Schiller previously said gadgets without screens aren’t as good as gadgets with them.

“The idea of not having a screen, I don’t think suits many situations,” Schiller recently said in an interview with Gadgets 360.

Schiller goes on to argue that screens provide users with an important visual aide when using a digital assistant. For example, when searching for directions, getting a flash briefing of the news, or looking up a recipe. That’s essentially what you get with the new Echo Show.

For Apple, the inclusion of a built-in screen may provide users with another way to communicate via FaceTime. That could prove to be an incredibly valuable addition for folks who don’t own an iPhone or iPad.

With WWDC just around the corner, we should know more about Apple’s Siri speaker very soon.