After years of mocking the idea of a stylus, Apple finally gave in and released its own model earlier this year. The Pencil is an impressive piece of technology on the outside, and it turns out it’s just as impressive under the surface. Unfortunately, it’s also pretty much impossible to fix if something goes wrong.

The teardown experts at iFixit gave the Apple Pencil a pretty rough score of just one out of 10 for repairability. The report notes that you can’t open up the new stylus without destroying it immediately. The battery and most of the other internal components are also impossible to remove. On the plus side, the Pencil’s nib does come off easily with a quick twist in case you need to replace it.

Once the white outer shell has been sawed off, you’ll find a tiny battery and a logic board that has been folded in half to save space. The interior looks impressive, with plenty of metal giving the Pencil a sturdy feel.

Clearly Apple doesn’t want anyone to open up their own Pencil at home. If something does go wrong, your best bet will likely be to head to the nearest Apple Store and hope the company has an easy fix or a replacement stylus for you.