Apple’s first stylus is a pretty good effort, but there’s always room for improvement. Now we may know what to expect from the next Apple Pencil thanks to a newly published patent detailing additional features.

The patent, which was filed way back in 2011 and published on Tuesday, includes a list of possible interchangeable Apple Pencil tips. Beyond the standard pressure-sensitive nub, there’s a bristle brush tip for painting, one with a physical push button and one that appears to include actual pencil lead. Apple also offers a few more creative options, including a camera and a light emitter. The document even mentions including an eraser on the top that could work by touching the display or even simply hovering over it to undo your work.

It’s possible Apple had to shelve a few of these features for its first-generation stylus, but maybe we’ll see a couple in the Apple Pencil 2.