Apple iPad Pro-1

When the Apple Pencil was introduced in 2015, it immediately became the butt of jokes. Apple, the same company so vehemently against the very idea of a stylus, suddenly had one to call its own.

While the Pencil is incredibly intuitive to use, it lacks a few important features. Namely, there’s no way to attach it to the iPad Pro, an oversight seemingly so obvious it’s a wonder it wasn’t added before release.

Lucky for iPad Pro owners, Apple will apparently introduce an upgraded Pencil, this time featuring a magnetic system so it can attach to Apple’s tablet. It sounds like the feature will work similarly to Microsoft’s Surface Pro, which allows users to magnetically attach the Surface Pen to the hybrid device.

Apple has filed patents indicating as much in the past, so it’s no surprise to hear these rumors popping up. The fact that you have to carry the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil separately is still a major annoyance—something third-party companies have attempted to address.

In addition, the Apple Pencil 2 may feature a standard pen clip, making it more like a traditional pen than ever before. Not only would this allow users to attach the Pencil to things like jeans and a backpack, but it would prevent the stylus from rolling around on a flat surface.

What about charging?

Perhaps the most egregious of all Pencil’s shortcomings is the fact that it charges in the most asinine way. The picture above illustrates what this looks like. For a company so focused on design, the Pencil was a glaring sore spot. The source on Weibo makes no mention as to whether the Apple Pencil 2 will address this.

Other potential Apple Pencil features may include interchangeable tips, an eraser, and capacitive and pressure-sensitive sensors for more advanced features.

Apple is expected to introduce new iPad Pro models this spring, including a possible 10.5-inch version. If true, expect the Apple Pencil 2 to be announced at the same event, which will likely be held in March.