You know Charlie Brown for his appearances in comic strips and holiday specials, but soon he'll become a digital presence on millions of smartphones, tablets, and set-top boxes.

Apple signed a multi-year deal that'll include Peanuts content for its upcoming video streaming service, according to Variety. The deal with DHX Media, which acquired Peanuts last year, puts a focus on family-friendly content.

The deal between Apple and DHX Media includes various types of content, too. Expect to see series, specials, and shorts. More specifically, astronaut Snoopy will be featured in short-form programming. In other formats, the rest of Charlie Brown's friends are set to star. There shouldn't be too many limitations, if any at all, on what Apple has access to.

If family-friendly content continues to be in demand, DHX Media could be tapped again. The media company also owns Strawberry ShortcakeTeletubbiesCaillou, and Inspector Gadget. It paid $345 million for Peanuts and Strawberry Shortcake in 2017.

In recent months, Apple set forth on gathering as much content as possible. It already had several deals in place, but there appears to be a stronger push to increase the amount of original programming that'll be available when the service arrives. The service will be packed with content from well-known and emerging names, trusted brands, and global figures.

The release date isn't known, but Apple could be rolling out access in March 2019. It's unclear if all original programming will be exclusive to first-party hardware, though.