Apple Pay will work differently than it does in the U.S. when it launches in the U.K. next month. It will still allow customers to use their iPhone or Apple Watch to make contactless payments at merchants, but there’s going to be a cap on how much you can spend each time.

According to an official Apple FAQ, Apple Pay is limited to £20 per transaction in the U.K., which means you can’t exactly leave your wallet at home and expect to go on a spending spree. That limit is apparently pretty standard for contactless payments, so it’s not just an Apple Pay rule, and it’s expected to jump to £30 per transaction in September.

“To accept Apple Pay for transactions over £20, your payment terminal must be capable and configured properly, and your payment provider needs to support the latest network contactless specifications,” Apple said in its FAQ. 9to5Mac explained that the limitation is a result of current merchant hardware that needs to be upgraded before it works for larger transactions.

It’s not a deal breaker by any means, but it’s something you might want to be aware of if you’re not local to the U.K. and plan on traveling there and using Apple Pay.