Apple Pay is already the bees knees in the digital space, and it's getting even more support via the U.S. National Park Service (NPS). Tim Cook on Friday announced users will be able to gain entry to national parks all across the country using Apple's service, which was first made available last October. Cook said seeing Apple Pay integrated with the NPS is just a small part of Apple's plans, with support for more government services on the horizon.

Going beyond Apple Pay, Cook said he wants to help people ditch their wallets for good, hinting the company is exploring ways to provide an all-encompassing solution for storing stuff like your driver's license or ID, and other important documents. Most importantly, Cook said these documents can be "stored in a way that's safe, secure, and easy to access." Apple has already proved it can do all of that, so who's to say the company can't repeat that success with a more robust Passbook?

At the very least, Apple Pay has incredible mindshare among the average consumer, something other alternatives have failed to achieve. That's why, only a few months removed from its arrival, the service is such an immense success. And all signs point to even greater adoption, with rumors of Apple Pay launching soon in China. The sky's the limit. For now, you can expect our government to adopt the service at national parks all across the U.S. starting this September. Where it goes after that remains to be seen.