Apple Pay is expected to expand into the U.K. and beyond starting next year, but Cupertino may already be running into issues abroad. The Telegraph reports that "at least one" major British bank may have some issues with the specific terms of Apple Pay and how the company handles customer data.

Apple claims it can't track purchases to specific shoppers through its new mobile payment service, and user privacy may not be the real issue at play here. The Telegraph notes that some banks are worried Apple Pay could mark the beginning of a full-scale assault on their industry. At the same time, however, failing to offer Apple Pay at launch might mean losing customers to a competing bank that does.

Based on one recent Apple job listing, it looks like the company could use London as a starting point for the service before expanding across Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa. Those plans could hit a speed bump if Apple Pay's U.K. release is delayed, though for the moment it looks like Cupertino is still on track to launch in the first half of 2015.