Apple will announce the launch of Apple Pay in the U.K. at its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, reports The Telegraph. The mobile payments service is expected to launch in Britain this summer.

Contactless payments are already available in the U.K.; many credit and debit cards now come with NFC chips built-in that allow shoppers to pay for their purchases with just a tap. This means lots of big retailers are already equipped with NFC terminals that are already compatible with Apple Pay.

Last year, contactless spending in the U.K. trebled to reach £2.3 billion. That figure is event more impressive when you consider that existing contactless cards can only be used for small transactions — usually under £15 (approx. $23) — because they do not need to be approved with a signature or PIN.

Apple Pay, which is authorized with a fingerprint, doesn't have a payment cap, so it's likely to become even more popular among British consumers — especially with iPhones accounting for around 40% of smartphones sold in the U.K.

Sources have told The Telegraph — which recently announced Jony Ive's promotion at Apple — that Apple Pay support for the U.K. will be "switched on in around two months."

Apple Pay doesn't just offer contactless payments via NFC using an iPhone or an Apple Watch; it can also be used to pay for goods and services on iOS devices using Touch ID. Recent reports have claimed Apple will also announce an Apple Pay rewards program at WWDC tomorrow.