Apple Pay already works at Walgreens, Disney World and McDonald's, in addition to plenty of other retailers, but it looks like Cupertino's new service could hit Chevron stations in 2015. The company already lets you pay with your iPhone at its gas station convenience stores, but now it says it's working to add the same option at the pump.

Chevron was actually one of the first companies to partner with Apple Pay, along with its subsidiary brand Texaco. Today's news could give the corporation another advantage over its competition, though the service won't launch until early next year. It's unclear what's holding back Apple Pay at the pump, though presumably it will take more than just installing new NFC readers.

Hopefully we'll see other gas stations adopt Apple Pay (and other mobile payments services) starting next year. It's just one more step toward the dream of finally being able to leave your wallet at home when you hit the road.