Apple Pay will soon be supported at CVS pharmacies and 7-11 stores across the U.S., according to Apple CEO Tim Cook. The news was shared on the heels of Apple's massive third quarter earnings, which saw the company earn $53.3 billion in revenue. It was the strongest third quarter in the company's history.

Since launching in 2014, Apple Pay has evolved into a huge service that's supported by dozens of retailers, credit cards, and U.S. banks. The service handled more than 1 billion transactions last quarter, according to Cook. Apple Pay will get even bigger as it continues to expand globally, with Germany its next destination.

The arrival at CVS is a big deal for Apple, because the retailer previously opted to use CurrentC instead. However, with CurrentC now defunct, Apple Pay users can take advantage of the service during checkout.

Apple didn't say when Apple Pay would be available at CVS or 7-11, nor did it provide a date for when users in Germany can try it out. However, we'd expect the rollout to happen relatively soon.

To bolster Apple's payment service, the company recently launched Apple Pay Cash, allowing users to easily send and receive money to other Apple Pay users.