You’re walking down the street, talking to someone on your phone and suddenly the call drops. We’ve all experienced this annoyance thanks to unexpected network dead spots, but Apple may have a solution to make sure it never happens again.

A new Apple patent for a “location-based profile” devoted to tracking network dead spots was published today, describing a bit of software that could exist as an app on your phone or a service working in the background. Either way, it would register when you dropped a call or lost your connection randomly and mark the associated area with a “virtual geofence.” The next time you entered the same area your phone would be ready to diagnose the issue.

With millions of future iPhones potentially seeking out dead spots, the real advantage comes from analyzing all that data. Apple’s patent explains that your info would be anonymized and collected with everyone else’s to pinpoint the worst dead spots. From there, the company could share that information with network providers, who should be able to fix the problem for good.

The patent also suggests that you could also view your own device history, potentially helping you avoid dead spots in the future. Still, the main purpose seems to be gathering data from multiple devices to offer a long-term solution instead of a case-by-case fix. Hopefully this is one patent that sees the light of day, we could all go for fewer dropped calls, right?