iPhone 6s Plus vs iPhone 6 Plus-5

Patent trolls are getting a little ridiculous. A new lawsuit against Apple charges the company with violating several patents, some of which are so trivial they should either be dropped or filed against every single smartphone maker on the planet.

According to Patently Apple, a company named Corydoras Technologies recently bought a bunch of patents from a company in Japan, decided it was power hungry and, ultimately, levied patent lawsuits against Apple. These include several patents, which Patently Apple broke down into an easily digestible format.

The craziest claims charge Apple with infringing on a patent because "Apple's accused iPhones are capable of making phone calls, FaceTime calls, and/or FaceTime Audio calls using voice commands." In that regard, the patent believes that, because you can say "Hey Siri call Todd," the patents are being infringed. Similar accusations are tossed at Apple because its products "are capable of sending and receiving email."

Doubt these will hold up in court, but every once in a while a patent troll finds a nut. Head over to Patently Apple in the source for the full breakdown.