Apple wants to protect your phone from falling to its doom by implementing a new orientation method. A new patent describes system that would detect if your device (a phone, tablet or laptop) is plummeting toward the ground. If the system detects a fall, it could reduce damage by having the iPhone's built-in sensors detect how to best orientate itself for impact.


The patent itself describes the possible movement of a weighted mass within the device, lift foils, "grip a plug," and even a thrust mechanism. The countermeasures don't sound very practical, especially with the iPhone 5's form factor right now. But hey, the patent is there. So maybe the next iPhone will have an advanced gyroscope and you'll never have to worry about dropping your device again.

Check out the source link for a full, in-depth breakdown of the patent. Apple employs some of the best designs on the market, but they've been marred by countless reports of fragility. Most companies want to try and make their products less susceptible to damage, and this idea from Apple is no different.