We’ve all been in a situation where we kindly offer to cover a tab, and then someone else decides they want to as well. The new Apple Pay ad examines the humor in that if you’re using a mobile payments service.

It begins with a person letting their friend (or date) know they’re picking up the bill for dinner. But the person on the other side doesn’t oblige after receiving $55 on Apple Pay. Instead, this person decides to send the $55 right back. The two people go back-and-forth with the $55 until Apple cuts in to acknowledge how easy life is when you can literally text money.

The 18-second clip joins a series of Apple Pay ads highlighting its simplicity. Other ads involved rent, clothes shopping, a wedding, and food. These are all things that people exchange money over.

If you don’t want to use Apple Pay, there are other apps for sending/receiving money.