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A court has found Apple guilty of infringing on six patents owned by Mobile Telecommunications Technologies, Bloomberg said on Tuesday.

The Cupertino-based company was found guilty of infringing on patents related to technology used in pagers  – yes, those little buzzing devices we used to wear on our belts. While the technology was deployed by Mobile Telecommunications Technologies (MTel), and firms that licensed it way back in the the 1990s, the court ruled that Apple's iPod touch, iPad and iPhone were in violation of patents related to Wi-Fi. The court ordered Apple to pay $23.6 million in damages.

MTel argued that, even though some of the patents are on the verge of expiring, Apple needed to pay respect where respect is due, particularly to engineers who developed the technology long ago. "Apple is refusing to acknowledge the contributions of others," a lawyer for MTel said during the suit, according to Bloomberg. "This case is about fairness."

A lawyer for Apple, Brian Ferguson, said that Apple was willing to pay $1 million, but that a $23.6 million payout "is not common sense" and "not logical." MTel had originally fought for more than $237 million in damages. Ferguson reportedly argued that MTel was really defending old, non-innovative technology in addition to "trying to take credit for emojis and calendar invites," Bloomberg said.