We’ve already seen one unofficial photo of construction at Apple’s new spaceship-shaped headquarter, but today the company shared an aerial photo of its own. The picture, which was published to the Cupertino government’s website, offers a real sense of the building’s size in relation to the landscape around it.

Alongside Apple’s official photo, we also have three more pictures of construction thanks to California news and traffic reporter Ron Cervi. These aren’t the first images we’ve seen courtesy of Cervi, but they definitely offer the closest look at construction so far. Apple still seems to be laying the groundwork for its giant ring-shaped building and the large garden that will be located at its center.

The new campus is expected to include 3.42 million square feet of offices and labs as well as a massive auditorium, a fitness center and other employee facilities. Phase one of construction is scheduled for completion in 2016, meaning it will still be a while before building Steve Jobs-designed becomes a reality.