Apple Japan repairsApple has announced that it will be offering free repairs on its products that were damaged in the Japan Earthquake-Tsunami this past March.  According to the announcement – original Japanese version/ Google-translatedEnglish version … which leaves a lot to be desired – anyone who lived within the designated disaster zone under the Disaster Relief Act of 2011 will be able to take advantage of this offer.

From looking over the list, it looks all Apple produced products are eligible for repair (Time Capsule and Apple TV are the only ones I don’t see mentioned by name) through June 30th of this year.  The offer includes free pick up and delivery of the damaged items.  There is no mention of any need to have been enrolled in Apple Care prior to the disaster, so essentially if you own an Apple product, at least this is one less thing you have to worry about repairing/replacing amongst all of the other items you may have lost.

While many companies have stepped in various ways in the wake of this event, a blanket repair program from Apple is to be commended.

What do you think of Apple’s decision to offer free repairs on its products?

[via TUAW, thanks to jdawgc for the tip]