If you’ve got an old iPhone, iPad, or Mac kicking around your house, Apple wants to give you some cash for it – or at least some Apple cash. Apple has partnered with a third-party company called PowerOn to offer a buyback program of sorts for Apple devices, as well as devices made by other manufacturers.

“If your product qualifies for reuse — meaning it has monetary value — you’ll receive an Apple Gift Card equivalent to its fair market value as determined by PowerON,” The gift card can be used just like traditional gift cards at Apple retail stores and online. If your device doesn’t have any value, then PowerOn will also recycle it for you for free.

You can get a preliminary idea on what your device is worth here. If you agree to the pricing, you can then ship your device for free to PowerOn, receiving your gift card in the mail shortly there after. The company will also notify you if the appraised amount is less than the estimated amount you saw online.

While an interesting idea, the pricing on this thing is pretty low – making it a better idea for you to head to eBay or Craigslist with your stuff, and hit PowerOn as a last resort. I put in info for my MacBook Air, which is only 5 months old and is in perfect condition – I would only get $408.92 for it, which is 60% off its base sticker price, and I have a souped up model. For something that is damaged (like my almost destroyed 3GS) the service might be worth it. With a shattered screen I can still recoup $25 for it.

What do you think, can you see yourself trying the program out?